Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wild and Crazy Toronto!!

Hey everyone! I'm in Toronto right now. This is pretty amazing! But it's definately i big city. And i'm soooo not used to big cities. It's a little weird. Last night was the first rally for the Hillsong United Conference. It was truly amazing! I'm super excited for today. And to see Nick.

Getting to toronto wasent all that bad. Although it was about 20hrs. of train travelling.

I don't have tons of time to write out things that have happened since i last wrote.

When i came on this trip i brought my guitar thinking it would be a great tool to use to interact with people. At least that was one of my reasons. Little did i know i would be using it while i'm travelling. I was sitting in the bus station a couple days ago. And this guy who totally didn't know english came up to me and asked to use my guitar with me. He began playing, and singing in spanish. It was super fun. I'm pretty sure the guy was homeless. It was just one of those rare really makes you think moments.

There i was. In Richmond VA. In a bus station. I hadn't slept in probably 30 hr's. Playing and singing guitar with a mexican homeless man. Thinking... God... what am i doing here!?

It's was fun though... Well anyways. I'll write more later.

You all can pray that all my travel stuff works out. There is still alot more i have left. And pray that nick makes it here without getting hosed my the world.


Oh, and pray that whatever God wants to do in my life while i'm here will happen. And that my subburness doesn't get in the way. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Greetings from NC.

Hey everyone who actually reads this... I figured now while i have a computer i might as well write something on here. The last couple of days I've been here in Charlotte, NC. doing orientation for SIM.

I couldn't hit on all the things that have happened. But i'll hit on two of them. It's been an interesting time here because i'm the only short termer going out of SIM this month. So i've been here with the staff at their headquarters doing classes meant for multiple people one on one with the instructors. The staff here is full of wonderful people. They probably have at least 40 people on permanent staff.

It's bee quite interesting because i've been the youngest person around. The staff is made up mostly of former missionaries and i'm much younger than most of them. I was sitting in chapel on Wednesday morning and i had kind of an epiphany. I'm kind of a "hybrid" christian. Sounds wierd i know. What i mean by this is that i feel comfortable in tons of christian community settings. There i was with like 40 older people. Singing hymns and praying with them. And i felt totally ok with it. I'm sure i can contribute this to the fact that ive been raised in a fairly conservative setting. But it just became clear to me at that moment that God has been preparing me over my life to comfortably handle lots of differant christian copmmunites and worship styles. So that was cool.

Number two. And i'm sure any of you who know me very well will not be surprised by this....
I'm a cryer.... Period. Any time the Holy Spirit is in the room in a tangible way, i cry. End of story. I'm like a gauge or something for the presense of God i think. This was totally confirmed again to me because every morning here the SIM staff join together at chapel and pray for a particular region or country. And the other day i was totally crying with all these old people around. At first it was unsettling because i'm not used to it happening around strangers. But whatev.

Anyways, i'm done training here. I'm going to ride the bus up to Philadelphia this evening to visit my grandparents. I'm not really sure what you all can pray for specifically right now. It has been kind of weird lately because i've had a real sense of loss leaving everyone up in Alaska. I haven't had this feeling since i was in the Marine Corps. Basically it sucks. The feeling of not really having a home to settle in to is kind of weird too. So those are some things that bug me... that and snakes. But i'll get over that i'm sure.

I'll post more when i can. Probably in Toronto.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Top ten favorite songs>>>

Hey Peeps, I've been wanting to post a top ten list for a long time. I was going too on facebook. But this is the new cyber me... So here it is. If you read this list and don't have these songs then for shame... ok not really. But you absolutely must get them! they will blow your mind about God.

# song title-Artist-Album
  1. Hosanna&For all who are to come-Hillsong United-all the above
  2. Inside out-hillsong united- united we stand
  3. Came to my rescue&Reprise-hillsong united- united we stand
  4. Fire Fall Down-Hillsong United-United We Stand
  5. Where the Love Lasts Forever-Hillsong United-More Than Life
  6. All I Need Is You-Hillsong United-Look to You
  7. I will Waste My Life-Misty Edwards-Relentless
  8. See The Way-Misty Edwards-Always on His Mind
  9. More Of You And Less Of Me-Brian&Jenn Johnson-We Believe
  10. A Little Longer-Brian&Jenn Johnson-We Believe
Ok... So that's the list right now. It was super hard to just pick ten. And i'm sure as my music taste changes and i go thru differant phases of my life the list will change. But right now these songs rock my world. 

You better get them! They are amazing!

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Return Date

Well my return date has now changed. It's all good. Now i get to spend my birthday in Africa! :) Sthweet.... I return back on the 4th of July 2009.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Howdy Hoo, yum yum yum, christmas time has come!

Ok so it's not really christmas. But i couldn't resist a Mr. Hankey quote. :)

Anyways, one more week till i leave Alaska to begin my trip. So yeah. Things are down to the wire.

I'll write more later. Peace.