Sunday, February 22, 2009

Part 2

Hikus of time out of Sudan last month:

Went rafting in green Uganda.
Rode most epic white water in existance.
Good trip truly was had.

Lived in big african city.
Cold winter nairobi weather not really cold.
Good fellowship ensued by all. 

Now back working in Sudan.
Hot season weather here is insanly HOT.
Sweating all day long working.

Ok, So that was what happened in January. If you need detail then email me. I'm much better at returning emails. 

I'm now back in Doro. Working. The base now has 13 full time SIM staff members. Both the CHW school and BELC schools are up and running.

I just took a trip up to a town up near the north/south border called Renk. I was sent there with a sudanese friend of mine to go get supplies of wood and cement for construction projects coming up. The trip went reasonably well. It was ruff traveling in a big flat bed truck called a "lori." And the heat here is becoming quite unbearable. Some of the hottest weather i've felt was on that trip. It was similar to taking a blow dryer and sticking it in front of your face. A few days ago our thermometer said that it was 100deg in the shade, which is about average. So i decided to take it into the sun. Within a minute it shot up well past 120deg and topped it out. So i honestly have no clue how hot it is. 

Things here in Doro have had there ups and downs. We've had several little kids pass away in the last 2 weeks. Two from malaria, and one from severe malnutrition. It tends to hit the team hard when we loose little kids. It is quite a difficult and new lesson for me to learn. About the pain and brokenness in this world. Especially in this way. 

Things that you can pray for:

1) Relations with the local church are tense. Because of people motivated by self interests and a lack of integrity. 

2)dealing with the loss of patients. Especially ones with easily preventable illnesses like malnutrition. 

3)Team dynamics and unity within the group of missionaries. A unity the ONLY comes from the Holy Spirit. And not a false unity created by belief systems or personalities. 

4) My future plans. As i only have a few months here. And i'm still unsure about my plans for re-entry back into America.  

I also posted pics of my trip to Renk on photo bucket. Link is on upper right.